Hornbill Availability

Availability & Scheduled Maintenance

What is Hornbills RPO 'Recovery Point Objective' in the event there is an issue with my instance?

What is Hornbills RTO 'Recovery Time Objective' in the event Hornbill has to invoke its DR (Disaster Recovery) plan?

What is the Contracted Availability of service and is there any penalties if Hornbill does not achieve these?

What are the scheduled maintenance periods?

If for any reason there is an issue with your instance we are fully committed to minimising any data loss. Our 'Maximum Data Loss Time Period' or RPO is a maximum of 24 hours (or the time back to the last 23:00 backup) However Hornbill aims for 15 minutes, as we replicate customer data at this frequency.

In the unlikely event that the Hornbill DR plan is triggered we will provide:

  • Emergency response to assess level of damage, decide whether to invoke the plan and at what level, to notify staff etc. (to be completed within 1 – 2 business hours of the disaster)
  • Provision of an emergency level of service (within 4 business hours of the disaster)
  • Restoration of key services ( within 8 business hrs of the disaster)
  • Recovery to business as normal. (within one week of the disaster)

Emergency level of Service is to ensure our customers and their customers can use the Hornbill Services and applications with minimal disruption. To this end all Applications and databases will be restored however file attachments (Associated with Emails, Workspaces, Document manager or Requests) might not be available, search functionality will be limited.

Restoration of Key services will be to provide the customer with a fully working system and no difference than what they had before the DR plan was activated. All Applications, Databases, File Attachments and functionality restored.

Recovery to business as Normal would only ever be needed should a true Disaster occur. This would include the total loss of 1 or more data centers AND Hornbill offices at the same time. The Recovery to business as Normal would ensure that all Hornbill services (both customer facing and internal) were fully restored).

Our contracted service availability is 99.95% uptime. We consistently achieve levels of availability well in excess of this.

Service Credits are issued in the event that Hornbill fails to meet this level of service. Parameters defining the Service Credits are detailed in your Hornbill Success Plan documentation.

Success Plans can be accessed from the following links:

Each Hornbill Instance has a customer definable Scheduled Maintenance Window. This is defined in your instance configuration settings so as to best suit your organisations usage patterns. This daily maintenance window allows Hornbill to deliver updates to the solution to ensure the continued improvement and smooth running of the Hornbill Service.